Fire Alarms Tewkesbury

Detect and protect

When prevention fails, act.

Whilst the main focus of your fire risk assessment should be to prevent it, automatic detection is crucial in case a fire does occur. Every second counts in the early stages of a fire and early warnings can save lives, property and its contents allowing your site to recover quickly and keeps disruption to a minimum.

Our Leading Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

A modern, open protocol fire alarm system from APM Fire & Security is focused on reliability and meeting the specific requirements of you and your fire risk assessment. Systems can be designed to any standard and we will carefully ensure each part of the installation from design, installation, commissioning, verification and maintenance is carried out with the utmost diligence.

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Qualified Designers & Experienced Fire Alarm Engineers in Tewkesbury

You can rest assured that a Fire Detection and Alarm System from APM Fire and Security is designed, installed and maintained to the very highest standards by our highly skilled team.

Our system designers and fire alarm engineers are Fire Industry Association qualified to ensure all new systems meet the rigorous standards of BS 5839-1. We are audited annually by BAFE, an independent registration body to ensure we meet these standards and can certify your new system for your fire risk assessment and insurance requirements.

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Tewkesbury Fire Alarm Maintenance

Any business that has a fire alarm system needs to keep it functional and without faults by using a service partner to keep it maintained in accordance with British Standards. APM Fire & Security undertakes maintenance of all components within Analogue Addressable and Conventional Fire Alarm systems.

Trusted Fire Alarm Systems Tewkesbury

All our equipment is open protocol and has been manufactured to British standards, they have been chosen for their resilience and reliability which will result in less false alarms and more cost effective maintenance.

We install and maintain fire alarm systems in Tewkesbury and the surrounding areas.

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