Fire Extinguishers Swindon

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Protecting lives

Swindon Fire Extinguisher Installation & Servicing

Fire extinguishers are often your first line of defence in protecting yourself from a fire when evacuating.

We supply and install a wide range of types and sizes of portable fire extinguishers in Swindon to cover the many different kind of fires you could encounter. We offer Water, CO2, Powder, Foam, Enviro-Foam and Wet Chemical fire extinguishers and can provide you with the expert advice needed to select the right kinds of extinguishers for your premises.

Specialists For Fire Extinguishers Swindon

To ensure that your fire extinguishers are always ready, our Swindon Fire Extinguisher Engineers can service your extinguishers on an annual basis and check to make sure that your mix of different types of extinguishers still meet your changing premises requirements. Our Fire Extinguisher Engineers undergo regular re-certification to ensure their skills remain current so that we can provide you with the best level of service and protection.

fire extinguisher installation and servicing