Fire Risk Assessment Evesham

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Fire Risk Assessment Evesham

Planning for prevention.

In accordance with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, it is a legal requirement for commercial properties and residential buildings with more than one residence to conduct a fire risk assessment.

The evaluation is a methodical examination of your property, the activities that take place there, and the possibility that a fire could start and endanger persons who are inside or close by. Its objectives are straightforward:

  • Identify fire hazards.
  • Reduce the risks of those hazards causing harm to as low as reasonably practical.
  • Determine the physical precautions and management arrangements that are necessary to ensure the safety of people if a fire were to break out.

The fire risk assessment Evesham is a significant obligation of an employer, building owner, landlord, occupier, or anyone else responsible for the management of properties, hence it is strongly encouraged to engage a suitable competent fire risk assessment provider. The Fire Risk Assessment needs to be reviewed frequently.

Every second counts when a fire is first starting. It is possible to preserve lives, property, and its contents with a properly performed Fire Risk Assessment and sufficient early warning systems, allowing your organisation to recover quickly and cause the least amount of disruption.

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Save time and stress and seek the help of a Fire Risk Assessment expert in Evesham.

The Evesham based fire risk assessors at APM Fire and Security are fully qualified and can work through the challenging complexity of creating your compliance fire risk assessment while guaranteeing that the strict legal requirements are met.

Our comprehensive assessment will consider:

  • Emergency routes and exits.
  • Fire detection and warning systems and their condition.
  • Correct and sufficient fire-fighting equipment.
  • Removal or safe storage of dangerous substances.
  • Emergency fire evacuation plans.
  • Identification of people and their needs who are potentially vulnerable.
  • Information provision to employees/people on the premises.
  • Fire safety training.

Following the assessment, our Fire Risk Assessors will provide a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment and will also guide you through any remedial action to be taken to ensure the content of the Assessment and its recommendations are addressed leaving you with complete peace of mind.

Our Evesham based Risk Assessment service is independent from our installation and maintenance services however, there is the benefit that if you would like to use APM Fire and Security for any recommended or required works identified in the Fire Risk Assessment report, we will be happy to provide you with a quote to help with compliance.