Fire Risk Assessment Tewkesbury

plan and prevent

Fire Risk Assessment Tewkesbury

Planning for prevention.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 mandates that all commercial properties and residential complexes with multiple dwellings do a fire risk assessment.

During the examination, your property, the activities that occur there, and the possibility that a fire could start and endanger individuals within or nearby are all carefully reviewed. Its straightforward objectives are:

  • Identify fire hazards.
  • Reduce the risks of those hazards causing harm to as low as reasonably practical.
  • Determine the physical precautions and management arrangements that are necessary to ensure the safety of people if a fire were to break out.

Employing a suitable, qualified fire risk assessment service is strongly advised because the fire risk assessment is a significant requirement of an employer, building owner, landlord, occupier, or anyone else responsible for the management of properties. There should be regular reviews of the fire risk assessment.

In the early stages of a fire, every second matters. With a well executed Fire Risk Assessment Tewkesbury and enough early warning systems, it is feasible to protect lives, property, and its contents, enabling your company to recover fast and cause the least amount of inconvenience.

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Save time and stress and seek the help of a Fire Risk Assessment expert in Tewkesbury.

APM Fire and Security’s qualified Fire Risk Assessors in Tewkesbury can navigate the laborious complexity of producing your compliant Fire Risk Assessment ensuring the exacting legislation standards are satisfied.

Our comprehensive assessment will consider:

  • Emergency routes and exits.
  • Fire detection and warning systems and their condition.
  • Correct and sufficient fire-fighting equipment.
  • Removal or safe storage of dangerous substances.
  • Emergency fire evacuation plans.
  • Identification of people and their needs who are potentially vulnerable.
  • Information provision to employees/people on the premises.
  • Fire safety training.

After the assessment, our fire risk assessors will give you a thorough Fire Risk Assessment Tewkesbury and help you with any corrective action that needs to be taken to make sure the report’s recommendations are followed, leaving you with total peace of mind.

Our Tewkesbury based Risk Assessment service is independent from our installation and maintenance services however, there is the benefit that if you would like to use APM Fire and Security for any recommended or required works identified in the Fire Risk Assessment report, we will be happy to provide you with a quote to help with compliance.