Fire Safety Training

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Fire Safety Training For Businesses & Organisations

At APM Fire & Security, we pride ourselves in offering specialised fire safety training programs that are designed to ensure your company or organisation is compliant and to empower your business with the knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively to fire emergencies.

We provide a hands-on training experience for the proper usage of fire extinguishers as well as providing fire warden training to ensure your business has the qualified individuals needed to tackle fire emergencies. Participants gain a practical understanding of fire classification, extinguisher types, and effective firefighting techniques, ensuring they can confidently handle small fires in critical moments. Additionally, our Fire Warden Training equips designated personnel with the leadership and coordination skills necessary to manage emergency evacuations and ensure the safety of occupants.

Our expert trainers guide participants through comprehensive scenarios, covering evacuation procedures, communication strategies, and the crucial role of fire wardens in maintaining a secure environment. With our training programs, you and your team will be well-prepared to safeguard lives and property in the face of fire-related challenges.

Fire Safety Training